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Having a Hard Time with your Kids Leaving Home? I can Help You!

The transition between mothering our kids at home to mothering them as adults can feel tricky. This is new territory for us.

There are many facets to this new phase of life that feel scary and unknown. But you don’t need to panic! Learn the number one problem my clients encounter and the secret to solving it. Watch this short video to learn how!

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Working with Brooke has changed my life! I’ve been able to overcome lifelong poor thinking habits that have changed everything for me!

Paige Norton, Herriman, UT

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Brooke’s coaching helped me see blind spots. She lovingly guided me to choose what I wanted to do once I could see where I was getting in my own way.

Nancy Dawdy, Wilmington, NC

Hi, I’m Brooke Oniki!

I’m a mother of four, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a Certified Life Coach.

For many of us, when our kids leave home we can feel isolated and alone. We worry about how this transition will affect our relationships with them.

We feel a loss of identity and purpose. When I found life coaching, I discovered tools that have made all the difference in navigating this new space. I can help you feel confident in this new phase of life and create relationships that are filled with love.

I'm Brooke Oniki

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