I love her!

I was mad at my body for a long time. I wanted her to be smaller. I was 5’8″ in the eighth grade. I thought I was bigger than all the girls in the world. As I grew into adulthood I logically knew it wasn’t true, but it was hard for me to drop the belief I had created. When I met Tom I couldn’t really consider him as a viable romantic option because we were the same size. It took me over three years to adjust my thinking on that. The work I have done in the past two years on my relationship with my body has changed my feelings dramatically. I love her now. I love that she has gotten up with me every day of my life. She has blessed me with four beautiful, healthy babies. She breathes in and out all day long without me even reminding her to do so. Through her I get to hug the people I love, laugh and cry with the people I care about and learn, learn, learn so many new things. She has complicated systems that regulate temperature, fight off infections and heal broken bones. She is truly amazing. When I wake up in the morning, before I get out of bed I spend a few moments telling Heavenly Father how grateful I am for this marvelous body I have been blessed with. I stretch my legs, spread my arms and fingers open wide, breathe deep and remember what a beautiful gift she is. If this is your struggle, it is so worth spending some time truly coming to love your body. It will not only change that relationship, but all of your relationships.

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