When our kids have challenges in their lives, we can either jump into the pool and flail helplessly with them, or we can remain calm on the side of the pool and throw them a lifeline.

Sometimes we feel like jumping in shows them we care. It shows them we are really invested.

But is jumping in useful? When we do, we all end up feeling like we are going to drown.

What if we could be the steady help from the side of the pool? Instead of jumping in to save them, what if we chose to think thoughts like these?

He is well equipped to handle this challenge.

She is going to figure this out.

Some parts of their lives are going to be hard and that’s okay.

I have learned so much from the challenging parts of my life. They will too!

When I stay safely on the side of the pool I can offer the lifeline of loving support and encouragement. I can remain calm. I don’t have to be dramatic about it. I can express my confidence in their abilities to find their own solutions. If they don’t want to take the lifeline for awhile, I don’t need to make that mean anything about me. I can be ready and waiting when they need my help, but it’s not my job to fix anything.

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