At the end of one of our kids soccer seasons their coach invited us to play in an adults vs kids soccer game.

As we panted up and down the field I felt bad for all the times we had yelled from the sidelines, “Run faster!” I have never played competitive soccer. I knew very little regarding the stamina it takes to run the field for 70 minutes. It’s easy to yell from the sidelines about how others should play the game. I remember thinking, “They should have done this at the beginning of the season. We wouldn’t have been so hard on our kids.” Getting on the soccer field changed my perspective. I had new respect for each player.

My kids have amazed me with their willingness to do hard things, try new things and do things alone. These experiences have taught them, strengthened them, and helped them believe in their own resilience. They have listened to critical spectators for years and yet have pressed on. It’s truly inspiring to me.

Brene’ Brown says, “The willingness to show up changes us, it makes us a little braver each time.”

Showing up is key. Internalizing feedback from the sidelines is optional.

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