About Me

I’m Brooke Oniki. I am a mother for four children, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through the Life Coach School. My specialty is helping women create the life they want as they transition from full-time motherhood to being a mother of adult children. 

When my kids started to leave home I felt a little ripped off. My purpose seemed to be evaporating. I had invested everything I had into my kids. I wondered if I had given too much of me to them. Should I have had a job or some hobbies? Was that a bad decision to go “all in” on my motherhood?

Had I done a good enough job?

Were all the good parts of my life over now?

How should I navigate being a mother to adult children?

I remember telling my husband, “I should have been investing more in you! You are the only one that isn’t leaving.”

I don’t worry about any of that anymore. I feel grateful for my choices. I recognize that I was a good mother on some days and a bad one on others. And FOR SURE all the good parts of my life are not over yet.

When I discovered life coaching I found tools that have helped me create the life that I want. I’ve learned to love my husband and children exactly how they are. I don’t feel a need to control things and people in order to be happy.

I would love to show you how to like this new place you are in.

I can help you truly love yourself, your relationship with Heavenly Father, your husband, your kids. Your life.

If all goes as planned, we have a good 40-50 years left on this planet, so let’s make it count.