I hadn’t thought about the part where my children leave.

I hadn’t thought about the part where my children leave.

It has been said, “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

At no point did that feel more applicable than when my children began to leave home. I felt unprepared to have my first child so utterly removed from my day-to-day life and to give up the control that I had used to protect him from life’s challenges.

As each of my children left home, I wondered:

I wondered

I am a pretty confident person in many aspects of my life, but this was new territory!

After my third child left home, I discovered life coaching. The tools I gained through working with a life coach helped me see where my own thinking created disconnection in my relationships with my emerging young adults. I saw how my expectations of them didn’t allow me to enjoy them for who they were. I learned I could navigate this new phase of my life with curiosity and love instead of fear and judgment.

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I have learned to listen and take feedback from my kids without being offended.

They need to make their own decisions and I now know that their choices do not reflect on me. I am responsible for myself. I have learned to trust God and His ability to help us in our relationship.

Reframing my mistakes as a learning process has empowered me to continually re-engage. I can love my children and love myself.

Having benefited from life coaching so much myself, I am honored to teach these tools to my clients.

I help my clients feel confident in their parenting, capable in their decision making, and empowered to make healthy choices in their relationships.

I coach my clients in private 45 minute sessions via Zoom. Each week we discuss what is challenging you and tools that you can practice to help you make positive changes. As you apply this process in one area and see results, you can then take what you have learned and apply it to other areas. Your capacity to use these strategies will increase and your confidence will grow.

After coaching with me you will have more confidence in your relationships with your adult children.

You will feel more sure of yourself and have the tools to help you navigate situations that are sometimes emotional and difficult.

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