A few weeks ago, late on a Saturday night, I realized we didn’t have any ice cream. We had invited two young couples in our ward over for dinner the next day. I had asked one to bring a half gallon of ice cream and the other to bring toppings for banana splits. I was going to get some more ice cream just in case; but I forgot.

Already in my pajamas, I thought about it for a few minutes. I tried to estimate how much ice cream you would need for seven adults and three little kids and then I decided, “Whatever they bring will be enough.” We will enjoy the ice cream they bring and I won’t worry about getting more.

I knew Tom might not agree with my approach, so I told him I had forgotten to get ice cream. I told him I was choosing to believe it would be enough. We also had a pie we could share if we ran out, but I was comfortable with however it turned out.

He decided that we should have more ice cream, so he got out of bed and went to the store. I went to sleep. Sunday came. One couple brought two cartons of ice cream and the other couple brought their toppings and three cartons of ice cream. There was enough and to spare!

Here are the things I love about this story:

1. I could decide that things would work out no matter what happened.

2. I could be at peace with Tom having a different opinion.

3. There wasn’t a “right” decision. We both did what we felt comfortable with and it worked out beautifully! Had they only brought one carton of ice cream and we ate less or used the pie, that would have been perfect too.

Choosing to live in abundance allows me to create a life that brings me more satisfaction. Not because the circumstances change, but my thoughts around them do.

This is powerful work my friends!

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