This morning my husband and I had the most beautiful conversation with our daughter, Allie. She is in Costa Rica on a humanitarian trip for three months. Living in a third world country has broadened her view of the world. Her insights have opened new light to me as well.

Before leaving for Costa Rica she was attending BYU. She was knee-deep in school, work, a hard break-up, roommates, and juggling all the responsibilities that come with college life. She felt she wasn’t measuring up to all the “perfection” she saw in others.

Today she shared how seeing Jesus in his role as Creator has changed her. Living in the jungle has opened her eyes to all the little creatures that God created: the variety of trees, grasses, and plants; the constant motion of the clouds, the earth, and the stars. We are all constantly in motion; growing and learning.

Looking at the patterns and creations of the earth is a way to see what God is trying to teach us.

God could have created one kind of tree and put it everywhere, but that wasn’t the plan. He loves diversity! He loves motion and growth. He loves new birth and new life and resurrection. He didn’t want all the trees and the flowers to be the same. He doesn’t want us to be the same either. He wants each of us to be ourselves. He wants us to create and contribute in ways that enhance our talents and capabilities.

When we truly tap into who we are and the creativity that is within us, we can share those gifts with each other. We are less worried about comparing ourselves to others and more in tune with what we have to share.

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