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A few weeks ago, late on a Saturday night, I realized we didn’t have any ice cream. We had invited two young couples in our ward over for dinner the next day. I had asked one to bring a half gallon of ice cream and the other to bring toppings for banana splits. I was […]

When our kids have challenges in their lives, we can either jump into the pool and flail helplessly with them, or we can remain calm on the side of the pool and throw them a lifeline. Sometimes we feel like jumping in shows them we care. It shows them we are really invested. But is […]

I Can Listen

We often fear the things we don’t understand. Our brains are constantly looking for danger. Part of our brain’s job is to protect us and keep us alive, so it makes perfect sense. But sometimes our brain thinks things are dangerous that actually are not. Another person with a different opinion doesn’t need to be […]

I love her!

I was mad at my body for a long time. I wanted her to be smaller. I was 5’8″ in the eighth grade. I thought I was bigger than all the girls in the world. As I grew into adulthood I logically knew it wasn’t true, but it was hard for me to drop the […]

Must See Inside

When we were first married we lived in Sugar House in a 70 year old house. The neighborhood was filled with newly renovated cottages and others that needed some love and attention. It was common to see a FOR SALE sign with this additional plug, “MUST SEE INSIDE.”A house that looked a little dated on […]

It Doesn’t Need to be Perfect

A common “meltdown” time for me is the hour before the ______________ fill in the blank. It could be my daughter’s birthday party, company for dinner, or anyone coming to stay. The day generally starts out fine. I have my list. I have the allotted amount of time for each item written next to it. […]


This morning my husband and I had the most beautiful conversation with our daughter, Allie. She is in Costa Rica on a humanitarian trip for three months. Living in a third world country has broadened her view of the world. Her insights have opened new light to me as well. Before leaving for Costa Rica […]

Ziplining Grandma

We took our kids ziplining in Mexico to this great place called Xplor. It has two courses with seven zip lines connected together. You start by crossing a tropical forest high above the trees, then run up the stairs to the next landing where you zip off again. As we raced up the stairs to […]


We can have expectations of people. The problem lies in how we tie their behavior to our worth. If my child keeps her room clean, then I am a good mother. If my husband loves me, he will know what I want for my birthday. If my friend cares about me, she will call me […]


I was diagnosed with severe dry eyes several years ago. My ophthalmologist gave me eye drops to put in my eyes multiple times a day. I was given special ointment to use before going to bed. I was told to wear an eye mask while sleeping to keep my eyes moist. I told my husband […]


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