Midlife Shift Summit

A video summit featuring six in-demand experts sharing practical tips on topics that deeply impact the lives of women in their 40’s and 50’s:


Summit goes Live on May 20



Brooke Oniki!

Parenting Emerging Adults Expert

When you enter the phase of midlife you may be thinking,

“What is happening here?”

There’s a shift that comes as our kids start leaving home. Our parenting, our marriages, our bodies, our hormones all change…things are not as they once were!

It’s easy to feel discouraged. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This event is designed to help you feel empowered, encouraged and filled with hope that you can live a life that aligns with how and who you want to be.

Our experts are here to help you!

This limited release video summit features conversations with top experts! Included in your FREE ticket are video conversations about:

Hello My Friend!

I’m your host Brooke Oniki!

I’m a certified life coach for moms of emerging adults. I help women navigate this new space with love and intention. In my work I collaborate with other coaches who specialize in topics that are also important to my clients.

This summit is a collaboration of extraordinary coaches who help women like you every day!

Meet our Experts!

Our 6 experts offering practical advice for women and moms

Sara Payne

Marriage Expert

Jille Dunsmore

Health and Body Expert

Julie Merrill

Midlife Sex Expert

Bonnie Wiscombe

Life Purpose Expert

Brooke Oniki

Parenting Adults Expert

Gretchen Fors

Menopause Expert

We’re Excited to Have You Join Us!

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