I was diagnosed with severe dry eyes several years ago. My ophthalmologist gave me eye drops to put in my eyes multiple times a day. I was given special ointment to use before going to bed. I was told to wear an eye mask while sleeping to keep my eyes moist. I told my husband I may need to move out and live on my own so I could direct all my attention to my dry eyes. It was very labor intensive.

Eventually, I found another doctor who introduced me to hard contacts. When filled with saline solution they looked similar to small bowls of water. I could put the little glass bowls in my eyes and the saline solution would keep my eye hydrated all day long. It was a miracle. The problem was: how would l learn to get those little bowls in my eye? They were far bigger than any contact I had ever worn.

It took a great deal of practice and patience to use the little plastic applicator to insert them and the miniature plunger to pull them out. In the beginning I wasn’t sure it would ever be possible. But over the next few weeks it became easier and easier. I had to set aside less time to practice. It eventually became second nature to me.

This same experience has happened over and over in all of our lives. Remember when you wondered how anyone could possibly fall asleep while driving? There were WAY too many things to think about to ever fall asleep.

As we adjust to anything new in our lives, it’s important to remember that it takes time. We have to practice. These are things we have never done before. We aren’t supposed to be good at it.

So as you adjust to having an adult child, a new daughter-in-law or more time alone with your husband, remember that it takes practice, adjustment, and more practice. At times it may feel impossible for you to adjust. But keep practicing. Soon you’ll be able to do it in your sleep!

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