I can help you

I can help you!

As your kids have left home you have felt unsure of your role in their lives. What seemed to work in your relationships in the past, isn’t working so well now. You worry about their spiritual well-being, the influences of those around them, and the decisions they are making. You aren’t sure how to talk to them about these things, or if you even should. Sometimes you feel needy – wanting their reassurance that they still need you and love you.

It doesn’t need to be this difficult!

Come to a free session and we can talk about where you feel stuck. We can talk about your hopes for your relationship and how to get from here to there.

As a life coach, I am here to help you look at situations more objectively, and help you take actionable steps to create the results you desire.

You will leave your free session with a new perspective on how to approach your relationship with your child with love and hope, rather than worry and fear.

Click on the calendar and find a time that fits your schedule.

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On the day of the call, click your zoom link at the appointed time and we will get started! I can’t wait to meet you!

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I have found that as I worked with Brooke, she opened up a wide, new perspective. She has helped me understand and even recognize in myself, faulty thinking and beliefs that have kept me “stuck” in the same cycle over and over.

Sherrie Jack, South Jordan, UT

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After being a stay at home mom for 20+ years, I wasn’t sure what my future should look like. Brooke has helped me realize my strength and potential. I feel so empowered by practicing what she teaches and look forward to our calls each week!

Amy Bengtzen, Meridian, ID

feeling unsure

Feeling unsure?

That’s perfectly normal! I was nervous to get coached myself. But as I was willing to open up about my struggles, I found new ways to deal with my challenges. It altered my perspective and gave me greater clarity.

Worried that it won’t work for you?

We will talk about your specific struggles and give you tools to practice. These are not just abstract ideas. These are actionable steps to practice and implement. You will leave with new ideas about how to approach your relationship with your child.

worried that it won't work for you_

What would you be willing to invest for more authentic, peaceful, loving relationships?

Life Coaching has changed my relationships in deep and meaningful ways. It has changed the lives of my clients.

We typically spend eighteen years parenting children in our homes, the larger share of our parenting years will be spent navigating our relationships with adult children. The quality of those relationships really matters! There is great joy to be found in healthy relationships with adult children, but there are often some growing pains in getting there. After the challenges of raising children, it would be sad to miss out on enjoying the people you love the most.